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When we imagine our goals, we dream with open eyes and open hearts.

Who we are?

PBD Interactive is a leading animation studio based in Turkey. With a strong commitment to professionalism, we specialized in transforming imaginative concepts into captivating animations. Our team of highly skilled professionals has a deep passion for storytelling and attention to detail. Through state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques, we deliver high-quality animations that captivate audiences.

PBD Interactive has an impressive portfolio of projects, including renowned creations such as Pepee, Ayas, Leliko, and Kukuli. These beloved animations have delighted audiences of all ages and have become cherished icons in the world of animation.

In addition to our successful projects, PBD Interactive is excited to announce their upcoming feature film "BUMI." This highly anticipated movie, created entirely by our talented team, promises to be a remarkable addition to our repertoire. Audiences can look forward to experiencing the magic and creativity that PBD Interactive brings to the big screen.

Whether it's for commercials, films, television shows, or online content, PBD Interactive strives to exceed expectations and create animations that inspire and entertain viewers. Join us on our  journey from imagination to animation, where dreams become reality and stories come alive. Stay tuned for the release of "BUMI," our own feature film, coming soon.


From Imagination to Animation

Animating Dreams: Where Creativity Meets Innovation




Anadolu University Yunus Emre Campus TGB Teknopark No.204 Tepebaşı  ESKISEHIR TURKIYE


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